banging berlin places: nest apartments // berlin-prenzlauer berg, october 2011

living in a city as hyped as berlin comes with having visitors pretty much all the time. while i'm seriously over the sightseeing part, i love having the chance to show so many of the people i love all the places i love in the city. another great thing about having visitors in berlin is that it often allows me to discover new amazing places that i otherwise wouldn't know about. this time, i loved the room i had booked for my visitors - a cozy retro-styled studio at nest apartments on eberswalder straße, a perfect location in lovely prenzlauer berg. the owner lisette sifon designed the apartments at nest with a great eye for detail, wonderful vintage furniture finds and lots of love - and you can definitely feel that right from the second she opens the door.


club 8 / western hospitality

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