in the studio with freddy reitz - part 1: la liberté n'existe pas. // berlin, may 2011

sometimes i feel like being free in the usual sense is too lonely
then again i know that you can never stray far from the ones that truly care about you.

this weekend has been a constant rush of emotional adventures,
well-known states of my mind
and once more falling in and out of love - in berlin, with berlin.
pretty glad to leave all of it behind for yet another week full of distractions.

(all pictures by me for Freddy Reitz c/o Ethos GmbH)


escapism. let's do it. // berlin, may 2011

"Der diffuse Zauber des heißen süßen Südens, 
die magische Kraft der auf Samtpfoten daherkommenden Nacht,
die geisterhaft raunende Brandung des Mittelmeers tief unter ihnen."

Zärtlich ist die Nacht / F. Scott Fitzgerald


or maybe that's just how life is // berlin, spring 2011

club der visionäre, lovers.
always like a trip into your private little treehouse.
i'd like that, right now.
with you. lying on the wood, listening to digitalism, not talking. or talking.


into the sun // berlin, spring 2011

city high city high
city low
gotta go
berlin you're my concrete lover
you make me hot and steam


ass backwards crushing on berlin // berlin, may 2011

catch it while you can
it's the feelgood hit of the summer

and it is stupid
but it is true