i am a forest, and a night of dark trees // berlin, october 2011

“i am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks under my cypresses.”
f. nietzsche

vortex rikers / dreams


Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me? // berlin, october 2011

feel it rise up
you'll be falling down like rain
- but now is not the time -

 jamie n commons / nina



selected memories // sweden, july 2008

memories, oh dear memories.

words via tinybangs.

have you ever held someone’s hand and felt your soul slowly slip and melt right through their fingertips until, eventually, you forgot you even had a hand in the first place? the next time it happens, remember it. remember it. you told me that all the time. ‘remember it.’ this. now. and i did so much remembering that i forgot where to even put my thoughts, where to let all those flickering moments land.. and eventually i just forgot. but we loved each other. i remember that. i remember all the twisting, bursting, desirous ways your heart and mine danced with one another.. like sweet melodies getting lost in summer air.



here is the truth about october // berlin-kreuzberg, october 2011

the earth takes a breath and slows down just enough
for the chilled air to slip between the folds of your sweater
and you hurry on
as the trees tremble
sacrificing their leaves to the dirt one by one by one.

museum of bellas artes / who do you love

banging berlin places: nest apartments // berlin-prenzlauer berg, october 2011

living in a city as hyped as berlin comes with having visitors pretty much all the time. while i'm seriously over the sightseeing part, i love having the chance to show so many of the people i love all the places i love in the city. another great thing about having visitors in berlin is that it often allows me to discover new amazing places that i otherwise wouldn't know about. this time, i loved the room i had booked for my visitors - a cozy retro-styled studio at nest apartments on eberswalder straße, a perfect location in lovely prenzlauer berg. the owner lisette sifon designed the apartments at nest with a great eye for detail, wonderful vintage furniture finds and lots of love - and you can definitely feel that right from the second she opens the door.


club 8 / western hospitality