i turn my camera on. moments to keep alive forever. a search for the extraordinary in the real. and it keeps on coming... 

the city loves you is my visual diary. it is for all the things i stumble upon when making my path through this crazy city that i've learned to love so much. it is for everyone but it's oh so very personal for those who can see through the few words.

me, i work in marketing/PR and business development at a berlin-based advertising agency. Besides running around the city taking pictures, i love spending hours listening to new tunes. and because i love sharing what i find, i'm doing it on my music blog ponydanceclyde. right now, my favourite things in life are my vespa vinny, neukölln for the yummy turkish food and mitte for being the bubble that it is. before eventually getting stuck in the life of a grown-up, i spent some time living in the netherlands, budapest and frankfurt.


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