i'm about to dive in the ocean, imma try to swim from something bigger than me // berlin, june 2011



cat power / living proof


to love with studs // berlin, june 2011



on berlin nights
berlin studs
on me letting things happen
on a couldnt care less state of mind

pallers / humdrum



you might just get what you ask for // berlin, june 2011

(justin bobby)
what a surprise
how quickly summer's over
- feel like i didnt even know you.
this is fucked up.

austra / lose it


from the valley to the stars / thoughts of the moment

have you ever looked at life from a distance and thought this is all just pretty bizarre?
then i remember that it's only time that we're giving
and it's only love that you're feeling


shooting star fire power, burning out so high - just like you and i // berlin, june 2011

"...ich weiß weder daß Tag noch daß Nacht ist, 
und die ganze Welt verliert sich um mich her."
- J W v Goethe

gardens & villa / black hills

just this once, all shots taken by someone else.


this side of paradise // berlin, june 2011

Beauty and love pass, I know… Oh, there’s sadness, too. I suppose all great happiness is a little sad. Beauty means the scent of roses and then the death of roses. Beauty means the agony of sacrifice and the end of agony.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise