berlin, november 2010.

i wish i was more excited about it all.


  1. fanni, I LOVE Berlin. Im originally from Stettin in Poland so we were neighbors for a while :) Please post lots of photos from around the city I would love to see them <3


  2. I like those shoes - theyre funky! :)
    Ive never been to Berlin but from what all my friend that have told me, it sounds amazing! That brigde looks really cool but its a shame its been graffitied over :(
    im following your blog :)
    I'd love it if you followed me too ♥


  3. oh I definitely will post a whole load of pictures from berlin in the months to come! so yesss please, stay tuned! :) Just moved here 3 days ago though, so as soon as everything is a little more sorted out, the taking pictures & posting them will be endless. or so i hope!
    the graffities all over beautiful buildings is such a berlin thing though, but that's also the charm of the city, kindof a run-down-loveliness... youll see more of that, promise!